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खम्मा घणी बाईसा

Hey beauties! I am returning to my space after a very long time! I have truly understood what juggling actually means and what it states in my life currently. And this particular article is all about that. I have tried to recreate the magnificent, the elegant, the regal Deepika Padukone’s look from her upcoming movie ‘Padmavati’.

It is a masterpiece and the actors are the master elements of it. Deepika has that raw awe and exclusiveness about her that she solitary carries. With or without the makeup or the supreme royal attire she is the Queen. And that is what a Woman is all about. We have seen our grandmothers, Mothers, aunts juggling with their personal duties, professional responsibilities, tackling and upbringing the good to monsters like us (LoL).

So in true sense ‘रानीसा’ is dedicated to all wonderful ladies of my life. In all glory and allure you are rightful ‘रानीसा’ of our lives. You are definitely the Queen as the way you handle the situations, calm and comfort everyone no matter the circumstances, infinite caring warmth you provide. Its all sublime and absolute BLISS in superlative!

Special thanks to all the beautiful, graceful and strong Women who have raised me to be Me, made me cogent and taught me to be tranquil and composed when needed. I Salute You!

In the link below I have tried to recreate both the Look inspired from the Padmavati Movie Trailer and the current rajasthani sensation ‘Ghoomar’. Please have a look and don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! <3

खम्मा घणी