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The Quintessential Bond of Rakhi

Rakshabandhan is one of the vital festivals celebrated all over across India. For my peers who don’t know what it is let me tell you guys in brief that Raksha means to PROTECT and Bandhan is the BOND one shares. It can either brother-sisters, sister-sister or husband-wife ans so on…….

Guys! I am not going to explain what this festival is but surely I’ll express what I feel personally on this day and what we do at my place. To me this day is very special. We decorate the house with colorful flowers. We prepare good food along with many sweet dishes. Then to tie Rakhi all the sisters gather at our place. Like seriously we are so many. Yey! Girl Power!! We all get ready in the traditional Indian style (which is my favorite part) .The fun part is that before tying the Rakhi we pester our brothers to let us know what gift they have bought for us. Then we tie the Rakhi giving and receiving the blessings to each other for well being and prosperity. The Day is full of enjoyment, entertainment, getting together and gratification. We share the gifts, eat loads of sweets (one day its fine) and indulge into endless talks. This day makes me feel that time never stops for anyone but some relations never alter with time, they remain the same or grow stronger and remain intact.

A little news for you guys: I will be posting my first ever Video Tutorial as what makeup I  wore on the Rakhi Day along with my outfit. I am sooo excited! Thanks for your support.


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