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Liberty at Radisson Blu

So, I went to Udaipur with a bunch of my fellas for a summer gateway. Udaipur is located in Rajasthan and is Royal and Regal.…

Roadway to Durham

Durham, holds a historic importance is a petite county in the North East England. I have been to Durham couple of times as I used…

Essence of Gir

Gir is not only acclaimed for just the Royal Asiatic Lions but also it is a home to some glorious and distinguished Bird(Avifauna) Life. It…

Royal Leos of Gir

Featuring the Royal and Big Cats of the Gir National Park.

Gir Tales

  Heard about it before? Well let me give you guys a little intro of this magnificent place. Gir also known as ‘Sasan Gir’ is…

Traverse across Edinburgh

Edinburgh, its a traveler’s paradise. Its a platter of so many things like the scenic beauty, street shopping, colossal castles, museums and not to forget the…

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