Urbane Stunner
Urbane Stunner
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Selena Gomez Inspired Look

Hello People! I hope ya’all had a lovely weekend. Today’s look is inspired by this cute wizard, as we all know her as. Yes, she’s…

Kareena Kapoor Inspired Look

Today’s look is inspired by the jaw- dropping beauty of bollywood~ Kareena Kapoor. Her style is so very versatile and divergent. The look that I…

Emma Watson Inspired Look

Bonjour Fellas! Today’s look is inspired by the most acclaimed and gorgeous star of the Harry Potter- Yes, you got it right! It’s her- Emma…

Deepika Padukone Inspired Look 1.1

Hello People! I hope ya’ll had a great weekend. Weekends are all about relaxing, socializing and partying.  This weekend I was invited to my friends…

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